Hospice South Canterbury affirms life with care and support for palliative and terminally ill patients and their family and whanau.


To show leadership in the provision of palliative care in South Canterbury.


Hospice South Canterbury encompasses a philosophy of:

  • Affirming life
  • Recognising dying as a normal process and neither hastens nor postpones death
  • Enabling patients and their families and whanau to attain a degree of preparation for their death
  • Recognising grief as a normal response to loss and offering support to the family and whanau in their bereavement period
  • Culturally appropriate care provided based on need not the ability to pay


The Hospice South Canterbury service provides specialised palliative care to the palliative patients within the region of South Canterbury from the Waitaki to the Rangitata River, the Southern Alps to the sea.
Hospice is available to all patients in a palliative or terminal phase of their illness. This includes patients with cancer, cardiac, renal, respiratory and other end stage diseases. The aim of Hospice palliative care is to maximise the quality of a person's life. This is achieved by coordinating and delivering services and choices in response to meet the individual needs of the person being cared for, the caregiver, family and whanau.
Specialised Doctors, nurses, counselors and allied health personal all ensure the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological needs are met for the patient, family and whanau.


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